About (Covid-19) Info for Africa

Infodemia (spread of false news) is a concrete threat that amplifies the devastating effect of covid-19. According to the WHO, misinformation during a pandemic leaves people unprotected, puts them at risk and gives way to panic, often leading to stigmatization. This threat is particularly accentuated in Africa, where accurate information is constantly drowned in "fake news" to the point of worrying the authorities who fear a weakening of the health system. This is why we have created info.covid19.africa, a portal that centralizes all reliable information on the coronavirus in Africa from qualified sources.

In order to wage this battle against false news, several African countries have created a specialized site to give the right information to their citizens. The African Union, for its part, offers through its CDC global information on the evolution of the coronavirus in Africa and its impact on different sectors. In addition to its bilingual character (French and English), the added value of our information portal info-covid19.africa rests on two main pillars:

  • It is the only one that centralizes in the same place, the links to specific sites related to the coronavirus for each African country that has created them. From our site you have the global vision on the evolution of the disease in Africa, and also the possibility to access the specific site of each country to see its local instructions!
  • For those countries that have not created a specific site on covid-19, we create a dedicated page on our platform giving them all the information from official sources (action plan and instructions from the government, emergency number, etc.), testimonies from nationals, recent information from the local press, etc. I refer you to the example of the page created for Cameroon.

This portal was created by Entrepreneur Numérique d'Afrique (aka ENA Group), a pan-African startup that leverage its expertise to contribute to a secure digital transformation of the continent.